Top 10 New Year Travel Resolutions 2019


Every person plans a short weekend or vacation on some other place on New Year’s Eve. There are so much travel resolutions which must be known while starting the trip. In excitement person fills the luggage and then it becomes over-weighted, it is useless. Making a trip to exploring the destination is good. Go and feel the eternal beauty of the new places.

If your are seeking to love fleeing from your nest often then this Christmas and new year could be the best vacations to go travelling at Goa Honeymoon or enjoy your 2016 travels.

There are 10 New Year Travel Resolutions 2016 which must be kept in mind while on vacation or a weekend.

1. Not look for Indian food everywhere you go

Looking for different cuisines and experimenting on food while travelling to different destinations makes a trip worthwhile. Try out some different dishes from the boring cuisines which are included in daily life. Get some Italian Rice instead of those make you greedy of this cuisine.

2. Not carry the entire household

One should not carry the irrelevant items with themselves in excitement when you are going on a weekend or a vacation. Few clothes with two pair of shoes and self care products which will be needed while changing the weather will be taken it is sufficient.

3. Not stick to tourist hotspots

If you are going on a vacation, don’t stick on a particular spot whether it is very famous or popular for any reason. Go and chat with locals, wander around the place, explore the destination will fill you with lots of knowledge about the area. You can feel the beauty of place spreaded everywhere.

4. Have social media free vacations

If you are going on a vacation and you want to post your photos on Facebook or on any social media. For this you want to take good pics. Do not waste time in clicking photos; get only few photos for memories. And do not stick on chat with friends on fb. Explore the destination and feel the mesmerizing beauty of the place.

5. Plan a family vacation- with parents, grandparents and more!

You always make a trip with friends or with your partner. Now, be different, take your parents and grandparents on a surprise vacation. Spend quality time with them then a great bonding will be seen in between family members.

6. Not gape and ogle

If you are on a beach or on vacation and you see a girl in bikini, do not see her with large opened eyes like an uneducated person, be decent and control on your eye muscles or have sunglasses. Otherwise it will make your personality bad.

7. Not repeat a destination

If you go on a same place every time in vacations then it is waste of time. There is so much marvelous and fascinating place in world to have great vacations. Get some new places in your bucket while planning a destination.

8. Not shop for useless stuff

If an Indian person goes on a foreign tour then he makes so many shopping for irrelevant items. Now a days almost every item is available in India. Do not fill your luggage with useless items and increase the luggage weight.

9. Plan more weekend getaways

Plan a short weekend for a place which is just at a distance of short drive. Long vacations are good but exploring the weekend on nearby areas make a chance to love your city. Himachal Pradesh is a very popular destination in India for people to come and see in the New Year in style, learn more here.

10. Use up all vacation days

Now a days every person is busy in his work. Spending his vacation time in a work. You must not save vacation time for work. This time must be used to explore the new places. Get on travel!!!

A great journey will be realized and cherishing memories will take from the trip while using the above travel resolutions. You have a great vacations and remarkable experience will be gained.

Our suggestions for travelers wanting to make a difference this coming year 2016 is best for every king of person, for more New Year Travel Resolutions visit

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