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India (भारत) offers a different aspect of her personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic to each traveller to the country. India’s culture and heritage are a rich amalgam of the past and the present. This vast country offers the visitor a view of fascinating religions and ethnography, a vast variety of languages with more than 438 living languages, and monuments that have been present for thousands of years. As it opens up to a globalised world, India still has a depth of history and intensity of culture that awes and fascinates the many who visit there.

You could spend a lifetime exploring the echoes of ancient cultures, and the country’s dramatic landscapes, including the mighty Himalayas. The most frequently visited part of India is the Golden Triangle, comprised of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. India’s real allure and magic comes from the sheer assortment of things to do in every region.

Don’t expect to absorb all it has to offer in one visit, this is a country best approached as one would a smorgasbord. It’s a much more palatable experience if you take a sampling of what is on offer and then revisit for more.

It can be a baffling and at times an overwhelming place to visit but one thing is for certain, no matter how ready you are to leave by the end of your trip, within a few days after departure, you’ll be longing to return.

At IndiaVisitOnline, our aim to help you choose that particular experience which will shape your vision of the country. India bristles with a mind-stirring mix of landscapes and cultural traditions. Your journey through this intoxicating country will blaze in your memory long after you’ve left its shores. Planning a trip to India? Find out about India’s culture, attractions and where to go for holidays, honeymoon as well as family trip on IndiaVisitOnline.

We’ve really only scratched the surface of what you can do more in India! If you’d like best travel ideas, or help planning your own travel through India, contact us here and we will create a special itinerary, specifically for your interests!

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