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When people talk about India, it is often said, is not a country, but a continent. Because Indian destinations are famous for its unique traditions, culture, festivals, cuisines, architecture, tourism slogan etc.

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Popular Travel Destinations in India

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More About India Travel

India is a translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Sindhu’ meaning body of water. India is a gem in the terms of Tourism. The country has a diverse culture and tradition. Every Indian state is different from the other having different culture, trends, rituals etc. So for people to visit India is like have a set of varieties.

India has a stretch from the sublime Himalayas to the every green Kerala. There is a long list of places to visit in India. It is an enchanting place with lot of rich culture of the past. In India there are around 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the very famous places to visit in India is the Taj Mahal. It is the most Photographed monument in the world and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. India is a country which has different places for different season.

Summer season when the sun is blazing and it is sweltering. You can visit the Queen of the Hills and the Valley of Gods i.e. Shimla and Manali. These are the places which attracts zillion of tourists from around the globe in summer season. You can just enjoy the scenic beauty and relish the moments. Coming to the monsoon season when it rains cats and dogs in India. You can visit God’s own country i.e. Kerala. The place is known for greenery.

In the rainy season the state has some eye- popping views. Winter Season is the time to be in the Party Capital i.e. Goa. A place for party hoppers and a place which shows the different side of India. Apart from the rich culture and heritage. If people are interested in some ancient stuff Paris of India is a place to be in i.e. Jaipur. The city of royals is famous for its rich culture and heritage. The forts and the palaces are the specialty of this place. Other then these place there are umpteen places which will add to the list.

India is just not a one time visit country. You need to visit it again and again to explore every nook and cranny. Every state has some or the other specialty in terms of food even. You get a lot of good food even in India. Every state has its own apparels so you get a variety of apparels too. So in terms of every thing India has variety be it food, clothing, or any place to visit. You can visit the country at any season it will for sure have something different to offer you. The capital of India is Delhi. It is also a place which has a lot of History to it. The next on the list is the city which has a lot of nicknames. The never sleeping city, The Financial Capital of India, The city of dreams the place is none other than Mumbai. A wonderful place which is also worth a visit.

So people visit India and trust #IndiaVisitOnline you will have a picture perfect reason to call it ‘Incredible India’.

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