Experience The Himalayas White Water Rafting

Now, is no longer necessary to go to Ladakh or Rishikesh to savor the joys of Rafting on the river. If the river adventures are you actual calling, you can head to the North India and go river rafting in the Himalayan’s rivers. At the Kullu Manali hill stations, you can easily choke on yourself in the joys of rafting on the river. This is one of the leading sports played in this part of the country which is gaining momentum with each and every passing season.

Further north, in the province of Leh, you may be experiencing the excitement of the rivers and rapids as they flow downwardly from the Himalayas. The rapids are generally grades I and II and in some locations, has degrees from III to V even faster. The Points of white water rafting are popular Phey to Nimo and also from Upshi to Kharu or from Upshi to Nimo. After this voyage, you will definitely need a healthy massage!

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