Top 10 Landmarks in India that Look Mesmerizing at Night


Planning to visit some traditional heritage places and forts in night makes the trip exciting. There are many destinations in India which looks awesome in night. These places are perfect for peace lovers. Colorful spot lights are used in the heritages which make the climate worthy.

Visiting at night away from the day’s hustling bustling itself fills with excitement. It is trending now a days, mostly international tourists prefer trip at night, to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Here are the lists of Top 10 Landmarks in India that Look Mesmerizing at Night, you can visit there and enjoy calmness.

1. Purana Qila (Delhi)

Purana Qila is the oldest fort situated on the banks of Yamuna in Old Delhi. Various cultural programs are hosted here at night. The beautiful light and sound show fills the heart of people with joy. This show is extremely outstanding.

2. Hussain Sagar Lake (Hyderabad)

The Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the popular landmarks in the city of Hyderabad. A large statue of Lord Buddha can be seen at the centre of this lake. The picturesque view of colorful lights allures the tourists towards itself.

3. Jaisalmer Fort (Jaisalmer)

If you want to capture some magnificent views of heritages, then Jaisalmer Fort is the perfect destination. At night, whole Fort shines with the Yellow light. It attracts tourists around the globe.

4. Amber Fort (Jaipur)

While on trip at night, you can see the majestic view of Amber Fort. Light and sound show is conducted in night which makes the environment glorious. You can observe beautiful experience and can also spend quality time.

5. Ambedkar Memorial Park (Lucknow)

If you got bored from daily life and want some reason to trip. Then wait for night, this Ambedkar Memorial Park shines with the number of colorful spot lights. Between those a perfect majestic view of the Park can be observe.

6. Victoria Memorial (Kolkata)

Victoria Memorial is one of the beautiful and glorious monuments of Kolkata. You can see a spectacular view of lights on the huge white building and lush green garden; usually you can’t see them in your daily life.

7. Mysore Palace (Mysore)

Mysore Palace is situated in the heart of Mysoorians. The rich architecture of this palace is magnificent. Glowing with huge number of lights at night, gives a wonderful scenario. It is the good destination for history buffs.

8. Akshardham Temple (Delhi)

Akshardham Temple reflects the Indian culture and heritage in its magnificent grandeur. The priceless beauty can be observed at night in popular musical fountain show.

9. Golden Temple (Amritsar)

Golden Temple is an sacred destination. The sound of holy prayers echoes in the air of Amritsar. The wonderful scenario of lights at night goes directly into the memory lane. It is a major pilgrimage site for Sikhs from all over the globe.

10. Vivekananda Rock Memorial (Kanyakumari)

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a charming destination, situated in the southern India. You will loss yourself in the beauty of sea breezes, dark night sky and the voice of waves. You will smell the mesmerizing beauty at this place.

Don’t be sit idle; explore the beautiful destinations in India. There are plenty of places which give memorable experience at night. Go for them and enjoy!!!

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