Best Street Shopping Markets In Jaipur


Jaipur the city of Royals is place to be in for the shopaholics also. There are so many bazaars in Jaipur where you get myriad of things starting from jewellery to footwear’s.

Listed below are some of the very popular Bazaars where for sure you will be caught between two stools.

  • Johari Bazaar– Johari Bazaar is a place to be in for the jewellery lovers. You get a wonderful variety of Jewellery ranging from gold to the emerald. Johari Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Jaipur. This bazaar will give you a picture prefect reason for saying Jaipur the pink city. All the shops in Johari Bazaar are painted with pink color. Quilts are also famous in Johari Bazaar. You need to be good at haggling so that you can get the best price. The rates in Johari Bazaar are highly priced.
  • Tripolia Bazaar– Tripolia Bazaar is the bazaar known for lac jewellery. The wonderful collection of Bangles adds charm to this Bazaar. Tripolia Bazaar is a very famous bazaar among the Bangle lovers. Tourists are attracted by the wonderful Bangle collection. Tripolia Bazaar is known for its colorful surroundings even. The bazaar has so many traditional touches to it that tourists cannot resist themselves to visit this bazaar. The bazaar is also famous for precious stones and carpets. All over it’s a good bazaar to fulfill your traditional needs.
  • Bapu Bazaar– It is one of the most popular bazaars among the tourists. There are many tourists seen shopping their hearts out in this bazaar. The bazaar has got traditional things from top to bottom. The bazaar is mainly famous for footwear’s especially Mojari shoes. The bazaar also has a good range of camel leather products, handicrafts, textiles, marble and sandstone carvings, and Rajasthani souvenirs to attract the tourists. Bapu Bazaar will give you a traditional look of the city of palaces. This place should surely be on the cards for every one for some eye-popping traditional designs.
  • Nehru Bazaar– The place is located in the Heart of City on Mirza Ismail Road popularly known as the MI Road. Nehru Bazaar is famous for some wonderful ethnic wear. You get a good and wide range of apparels. The Bazaar is also known for the perfumes. You get wonderful stuff which can just make your day. The best part is there is everything available in these bazaars form top to bottom. But every bazaar has got some specialty which makes it a unique bazaar. Nehru Bazaar is a place for apparel lovers.
  • Sireh Deori Bazaar– The bazaar which at stone’s throw from the Hawa Mahal. Hawa Mahal is a popular tourist destination a unique five storied structure. It is popularly known as the Palace of the Breeze. The Sireh Deori Bazaar is famous for the leather products. You get some of the finest leather products in Sireh Deori Bazaar. The bazaar is also famous for Jaipuri Quilts, puppets and colorful textiles. You need to be skilled in haggling so that you can get the product in the best price possible. A very popular bazaar which is worth a visit.

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