Most Festivals and Events Guide in December in India


Every Festival and every Event is organized with lots of happiness in India. Festivals are the heart of Indian people. Rich culture of every religion can be seen every where in the country. Some are celebrated at a public level.

India is also called as ‘Land of fasts and festivals’. It is a country which loves celebration. They celebrate every festival to make it memorable. It is a tradition and culture to celebrate every event and festival and on some festivals there is visit to relatives.

Here is the list of Festivals and Events you don’t want to miss in the month of December in India:-

  • Chennai Music Festival
  • The Hornbill Festival
  • Sunburn Festival
  • Rann Utsav
  • The Winter Festival
  • Magnetic Fields Festival

1. Chennai Music Festival

Chennai Music Festival

Chennai Music Festival is held during mid December to mid January in the capital city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a celebration of classical music and dance of South India. This festival is organized by various organizations at different venues in the city.

Temple premises and heritages are used as the venues instead of auditoriums. Artists from various parts of India perform in this festival.

Suggested trip from Chennai in December

2. The Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival is celebrated from 1st December to 10th December in Nagaland. The aim of this festival is to promote and protect the richness of the Naga heritage and traditions. Ceremonial processions, dance performances, musical nights, parades and many more are the specialty of festival.

To get an exotic experience in Northeast India have a teeth on delicious Naga cuisines on this special occasion.

3. Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival is a 3 days Electronic Music Festival starts from 27th December celebrated in Goa every year. Music, entertainment, food and shopping are the key features of this festival.

Tourists around the globe visit Goa to enjoy the famous festival here. A beach party is also organized here especially on Vagator Beach.

Suggested trip to Goa in December

4. Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav is a biggest festival of more than 2 months started from 1st November till February. This festival is gaining popularity now a days in Gujarat. It was celebrated to make tourists identify the rich culture of Kutch district.

Folk dances and arts, excursions, handicraft and food stalls, and of course, music performance are the major attractions.

Suggested trip to Gujarat in December

5. The Winter Festival

The Winter Festival

The Winter Festival is held in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. It is usually conducted from 29th December to 31st December. Traditional dances, concerts, fairs and fireworks are the main keys of attraction for tourists.

It was organized for step ahead the culture, vibrancy and beauty of Mount Abu. Artists from various places came here for folk dance performance.

Suggested trip from Jaipur in December

6. Magnetic Fields Festival

Magnetic Fields Festival

Magnetic Field Festival is a dazzling festival celebrated from December 18 till December 20 in Rajasthan. You will be sticked at the same place after watching rocking musical concerts, yoga workshops, art installations, and treasure hunts.

The venue of this place is majestic Alsisar Mahal. An unique combination of contemporary culture with Rajasthani heritage is displayed here.

Suggested trip to Rajasthan in December

Every festival and event shows the wonderful splendor and glory of India. You have plenty of reasons to travel across India. Plan holidays and Go for them!!!

Besides it, one can enjoy other numerous festivals and fairs that are essential part of people’s life with which reflect rich cultural heritage of India.

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