10 Popular Road Trips in India One Must Take With Friends in 2019


What a wonderful time, if you are going on a Road Trip with your friends. Excitement is on the peak. There are so many wonderful road trips by which you can explore the destinations. You will get some unforgettable experience from this journey.

The journey can be through by bike, or car, or bus. But you will enjoy the trip, definitely. You have to suffer from many obstacles which will come in your trip. Handle them with cool-mind and complete your journey.

We are providing you the 10 Popular Road Trips in India One Must Take With Friends in 2018:-

1. Mumbai to Goa

It is an amazing idea for a Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa. It is a trip where you can experience the immense wonderful beauty of countryside. You will reach Goa within 10-12 hours. Enjoy the famous cuisines at different place during the trip.

2. Mangalore to Gokarna

You will get so many beautiful beaches while moving to Gokarna. Stop at one beach and feel the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It is a four hour drive to Gokarna. It will be a perfect journey for beach lovers.

3. Sikkim to Lhasa

The road going to Lhasa is hilly and has some terrific curvings. You can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. You have to cross the high mountain Jelepla Pass while travelling.

4. Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo

This trip is one of the famous road trips in India. This is a 2-hour scenic drive via car. Some medicinal plants and Yaks can be spotted during the travel time. You can explore some stunning locations at the same time.

5. Manali to Leh

This trip can be remarkable for mountain and adventure lovers. You have to pass through dangerous cuts which will get you the thrilling experience. It is a two days journey. You have to travel around 485 kms. It is perfect that you plan a Leh to Manali-Delhi himachal trip at the back seat savoring the adventure without bounds with us.

6. The Bandipur Forest route to Bengaluru

It can be a challenging journey because you have to cross the forest region, and travelling to lesser known places. You can smell the fresh air in 5 hour trip while passing through lush tree canopies.

7. Puri to Konark

You can capture the beautiful scenarios in your camera which are appearing at both sides of the highway. It is a short journey of just 36 kms. But you can get long lasting pleasant memories.

8. Guwahati to Shillong

You have to pass through beautiful waterfalls, flourishing hills and the man-made Umiam Lake during the two-three hour drive. You can enjoy the delicious pine apples and pickles alongside the road at stalls.

9. Rohtang Pass

You can have a road trip mainly in summers only. You have to be careful with traffic jams due to huge snow in winters. It is just 51 kms from Manali. This mountain pass connects through Kullu valley with Spiti valley.

10. Shimla to Reckong Peo

You have to drive through the 230 kilometer stretch. The spectacular views of beauty can be felt while passing the Narkanda. You can have yummy food in the restaurants of Narkanda. The enthralling experience can be experienced on carved-out road on the side often passes through sections of the hills.

These are the some Road Trips where you can get some unforgettable memories. Lots of adventure, fun and thrill will be felt across the journey.

Go for adventure and thrill !!!

There are several others road trips we can take to enjoy the experience of cruising across the highway with the wind in your hair. Hence, India Visit Online would urge all of you to make your next vacation a road trip.

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