Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Kerala

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Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Kerala
Duration7 Night / 8 Days
Shimla Hotel Cost`2,500/Night
Manali Hotel Cost`2,500/Night
Sightseeing Cost`8,000
Volvo Cost`2,000/person
Flight Cost`3,000/person
Service Charge`1,000
Tour Packages Starting`19,000/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

Note: Shimla to Manali Transportation cost will be added extra as by Personal Car `7,000 and by Deluxe Bus `1,500/-

Shimla Kullu Manali Honeymoon Package from Kerala

Shimla Manali honeymoon is the perfect way to enjoy the natural treasures of Himalayan mountain, and exploring splendid buildings shaped by Victorian style of architecture in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, we offer you a better price for Shimla Kullu Manali honeymoon package from Kerala, which give the ultimate start to a happy and romantic marriage life in the ‘Land of Gods’.

A honeymoon is the true essence of yourself and your sweetheart able to spend more time together by celebrate their union leads to a strong link and foremost to become a stress free holiday. Most couples like their honeymoon wear out at a very special and highly far away from home location. And the second one consideration is honeymoon packages of your preference must comply your every need and requests and as well as your budget.

To make your romantic honeymoon memorable, we’re available here with best honeymoon packages in India. Located in northern region of India, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most prosperous state and home of the world recognized standing hill stations like Kullu, Manali and Shimla Himachal Pradesh Tourism is private in the heart of India as the peak explorer destinations. Such segments are well concurrent with Delhi.

The scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh is splendid, and an exciting visit to Kullu Manali can leave you spellbound. It provides a billion of golden memories, they really can be shared with your near and dear hearts be readily and stays in your heart until eternity.

Here you will find the Best Honeymoon Packages form Kerala to Kullu Manali as well as other Indian states. If you are one that chase a love of nature and are seeking in exploring the wonders, which contemplates Kullu Manali are the sites that adapt to your liking offering scope to venture beyond the ranges of blue sky at the horizon and to discover new valleys, forests, rivers, and high mountains.

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Kerala to Manali, that is a long way and no direct flights or trains or buses are available between Kerala to Manali. But you can take different starting point, first Kerala to Delhi by air or rail and the rest of the journey Delhi-Manali via Chandigarh by Volvo or State Transport Bus or hired Indica AC/Non-AC car.
Here are two best ways to reach Kerala to Manali, Himachal Pradesh by National Highway road via Delhi.
1) via NH 7 (This route has tolls) : The driving distance between Kerala
To Manali, Himachal Pradesh by this route is approx 3,132 km, and travel time from this road route is 45 h with traffic and 49 h without traffic.
2) via National Highway 4 (This route has tolls) : The driving distance between Kerala
To Manali, Himachal Pradesh by this route is approx 3,087 km, and travel time from this road route is 51 h with traffic and 47 h without traffic.
Get the exact Kerala-Manali, Himachal Pradesh road route map with distance, directions and time view here

Kerala To Delhi By Train

List of Trains Trivandrum (Kerala) To Delhi

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationMTWTFSS
12287Dehradun ExpKochuveli8:50H NizamuddinNNNNYNN
12217Sampark KranthiKochuveli9:15New DelhiNNNNNYN
12483Amritsar ExpKochuveli9:15New DelhiNNYNNNN
12625Kerala ExpressTrivandrum Cntl11:15New DelhiYYYYYYY
12643Nizamuddin ExpTrivandrum Cntl14:45H NizamuddinNYNNNNN
16317Kanyakumari Himsagar ExpTrivandrum Cntl16:00ShakurbastiNNNNYNN
12431Rajdhani ExpTrivandrum Cntl19:15H NizamuddinNYNYYNN