Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Jaipur

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Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Jaipur
Duration7 Night / 8 Days
Shimla Hotel Cost`2,500/Night
Manali Hotel Cost`2,500/Night
Sightseeing Cost`8,000
Volvo Cost`2,000/person
Flight Cost`1,300/person
Service Charge`1,000
Tour Packages Starting`17,300/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

Note: Shimla to Manali Transportation cost will be added extra as by Personal Car `7,000 and by Deluxe Bus `1,500/-

Shimla Kullu Manali Packages from Jaipur

Manali is No.1 famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh situated near the northern end of the picturesque Kullu valley. And you can explore the fascinating beauty of the green hills of Himachal with our Shimla Kullu Manali tour package from Jaipur.

India is the home of one of the most ancient civilizations. Dotted with rich kingdom, India has been referred to as ‘Dreamland for travelers’ since ages, and Kullu Manali is renowned as ‘Switzerland of India’ for honeymooners. India is known as one of the greatest canvas of lovely colors and nuances, waiting to be explored.

If you’re coming to Manali from Jaipur, make sure to prior book a hotel. Although there are a lot of hotels in Manali, but due to all season heavy rush of tourists expect monsoon, you may not find an affordable hotel easily. Our best tour itinerary helps each honeymoon couple to visit all amazing hot destinations easily and comfortably.

As it is located along the banks of the Beas River, such hill towns are perfect honeymoon break from the busy chaotic lifestyle. These valleys are a paradise for honeymooners. This is the main reason for it names the ‘Switzerland of India ‘.

One can feel the excitement and let the adrenal rush like yourself enjoy activities such as Paragliding, rafting, fishing, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, trekking high altitude, Heli skiing, etc. Our Kullu Manali Honeymoon Package filled with fun, laughter and excitement, what else can you expect? Check out our online honeymoon packages to relish your honeymoon days.

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The best way to travel from Jaipur to Manali is by bus. Because there is no direct flights and trains from Jaipur to Manali. The most desirable way to first reach Delhi from Jaipur, and that after getting to Manali or opt for a direct train to Chandigarh from Jaipur then take a state transport bus from Chandigarh to Manali.
The best road route is National Highway 3 to reach Manali from Jaipur.

1) via NH 3 (This route has tolls) : The driving distance between Jaipur to Manali, Himachal Pradesh by this route is approx 817 km, and Travel Time by this road route is 14 h 23 min with traffic and 13 h 4 min without traffic.
Get the exact Jaipur, Rajasthan to Manali, Himachal Pradesh road route map with distance, directions and time view here

Jaipur To Delhi By Train

List of Trains Jaipur To Delhi

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalMTWTFSS
12464Rjsthn S KrntiJaipur0:25Delhi S Rohilla5:35NNYNYNY
22464Bikaner Rajasthan Sampark KrantiJaipur0:25Delhi S Rohilla5:35NNYNYNY
12462Mandor ExpressJaipur1:00Delhi6:45YYYYYYY
12957Ahmedabad Swarna Jayananti Rajdhani ExpressJaipur2:50New Delhi7:30YYYYYYY
19565Okha Uttaranchal ExpressJaipur4:00New Delhi10:40NNNNNYN
12915Ashram ExpressJaipur4:40Delhi10:10YYYYYYY
14060Jsm Dli ExpressJaipur5:00Delhi11:10YYYYYYY
14662Barmer Malani ExpressJaipur5:00Delhi11:10YYYYYYY
14660Jaisalmer Delhi ExpressJaipur5:00Delhi11:10YYYYYYY
24060Malani ExpJaipur5:00Delhi11:10YYYYYYY
12985Jaipur Dee Double DeckerJaipur6:00Delhi S Rohilla10:30YYYYYYY
22985Dee Double DckeJaipur6:00Delhi S Rohilla10:30YYYYYYY
12216Dee GaribrathJaipur7:20Delhi S Rohilla12:10YNYYNYN
14322Bhuj Bareilly ExpressJaipur8:45Delhi14:35NYNYNYY
14312Bhuj Ala Hazrat ExpressJaipur8:45Delhi14:35YNYNYNN
19407Ahmedabad Varanasi ExpressJaipur9:10Delhi14:45NNNNYNN
19601Udaipur New Japaiguri ExpressJaipur9:10Delhi14:45NNNNNYN
5712Aii Apdj SplJaipur9:10Delhi14:50NYNNNNN
9603Aii Sln Inag SpJaipur13:10Delhi18:10NNNYNNN
19263Porbandar Delhi Sarai Rohilla ExpressJaipur13:20Delhi S Rohilla19:40NNYNNNY
19269Porbandar Motihari ExpresJaipur13:20Delhi20:00NNNNYYN
15716Ajmer garib Nawaj ExpressJaipur13:20Delhi20:00YNNNNNN
15013Bhagat Ki Kothi Ranikhet ExpressJaipur14:35Delhi21:10YYYYYYY
4042Aii Dli Sf SplJaipur16:05Delhi22:05YYYYYYY
12413Aii Jat ExpressJaipur16:30Delhi21:55YYYYYYY
12016Ajmer ShtbdiJaipur17:50New Delhi22:40YYYYYYY
19603Adi Sln ExpJaipur18:10Delhi23:45NYNNNNN
19403Ahmedabad Sultanpur ExpressJaipur18:10Delhi23:45NYNNNNN
9640Aii Hw SpecialJaipur22:10Delhi Shahdara4:05YNNYNYN
19105Haridwar MailJaipur23:15Delhi Shahdara5:46YYYYYYY